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September 20, 2012
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AJ with a cowboy suit by bryfury AJ with a cowboy suit by bryfury
and this is my very first vector of a main pony, im still a little newbie when it comes to vectors, but i think it ended decent, got to improve more though.

the reason for that suit is.... well... because i wanted to give her a more cowboy'ish style, that's why i added jeans and a jacket...

im expecting comments for this, i want to know YOUR opinion, yes reader, i mean you, so please feel free to throw anything you have at me in the comments, it'll help me alot ^^

well, and that's it, i guess... OH THE CREDITS!!

ponys are property of HASBRO, not me.

the vector is intended for free use, so feel free to use/download it (if you dont find its awfull) to your hearts content, but please, credit me, and throw me a link to see what you did ^^
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HarmonicViper Sep 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Mighty fine custom she's got on there. Looks very authentic.
I reckon it matches her well.
I like how you put the rope where normally a revolver would go. XD
Nice job on the details as well.
oh, you noticed the rope-revolver thingy XD brohoof to you for that :iconbrohoofplz:

anyway, i was wondering, should i add some shading to the vector? or ppl who do wallpapers with vectors add shading themselves? im on a real dillema here u,u
HarmonicViper Sep 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Well, if it were me, I would leave it the way it is. Here's why.
Most of the wallpaper's I've seen where someone else's vector was used, the vector usually remains unchanged.
If someone, wanted to add shading they would more than likely need the shading to come from a specific angle.
If you were to shade this, the artist using your vector would only be able to use it in a way that takes advantage of the light source.
It would be better for the artist to shade the vector himself if it is needed.

But, I've never used someone else's vector in my work before. This is the way I see it though.
hmmm... you got a point there, if i dont shade it, that means more freedom for the wallpaper artist guy... mmmm ok, i think i'll leve it like that then, thx for the advise ;)

(i hope my vector gets to be in a wallpaper one of these days though u,u)
That's our cowgirl =)
Looks pretty good.
hell that was quick!!!

im glad you liked it, thank you a lot ^^
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